Take 5 for FIDO – Dog / Canine / Animal Massage Instructional Video
Take 5 for FIDO Canine/Dog Massage DVD. Because 5 Minutes Makes All The Difference In The World. How To Give Your Dog A Full-Body Massage In Just 5 Minutes

Athena Arnado, LMT, CCMT - Creator of Take 5 for FIDO®

Licensed Massage Therapist, Athena Arnado expanded her clientele to include canines when she noticed their overwhelmingly positive reaction to her massage techniques and comforting touch, shared in passing.

Athena's love for animals prompts her to stop and give a short massage to almost every dog that crosses her path. When many of the dog's owners began pointing out significant differences in their dog's demeanor, behavior and physical well-being, Athena researched the effects of therapeutic massage on canines and learned that it is as beneficial for dogs as it is for humans. "Massage improves quality of life, even for dogs." She earned her Canine Massage Therapist Certification from the Jonathan Rudinger School of Pet Massage for Canines in Toledo, Ohio.

As the public's interest in canine massage has grown, so has the need for good therapists. Athena quickly realized that there weren't enough hours in the day to help all the dogs who needed massage. So, she developed a program that would help others learn to take better care of their own dogs in conjunction with her services.

"There are other instructionals out there but many people do not have time to learn or administer such extensive programs; it has to benefit people too. Society today is looking for great things that fit into their lifestyle. More people will be inclined to do it and more of our furry little friends will benefit from this wonderful healing practice if a program exists that is simple, affordable and time-efficient."

The result is Take 5 for FIDO® a simple and fun instructional program that teaches the layperson how to give their dog a full-body massage in 5 minutes.

Athena's training in film production and music business at the University of California, Los Angeles contributed to the high quality of Take 5 for FIDO®, which she wrote, produced and directed. Athena obtained her massage therapist certification at the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing in Los Angeles, where she mastered such modalities as Circulatory, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy & Infant Massage and more.

She currently resides in Southern California, where she continues to build her private practice, offering massage therapy services for humans and dogs, while also teaching workshops based on her Take 5 for FIDO® instructional program.

For more information please email: info@Take5forFido.com

Take 5 for FIDO®

Main Production Crew:

Mark Teague - Co-Producer, Art Director, Editor

An innovator in 3D Animation, Motion Graphics and Special Effects, he has earned notoriety among the biggest names in the business. Repeatedly hired by Disney, Miramax, Marvel Comics, MTV, Fox, The History Channel and others, for his multi-faceted post-production expertise. He recreated such legendary comic book characters as Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four and Spiderman for theatrical exposition. He was the Director of Animation on such hits as The Crow, Pocahontas II, Lady & The Tramp II, Timon and Pumba, among others. He lends his creative talents to Athena Arnado's instructional series, citing that "Revive In 5™ is a unique and cutting edge concept. Athena is brilliant and it was clear that she had worked out all the details of her vision before she even met with me. She was so organized and prepared, ready to shoot, she just needed a team of professionals to help execute her plan. Her passion behind the project was infectious."

On working with Mark Teague, Athena Arnado states, "He was the glue that held it together. In Post, he helped me conceptualize and finalize throughout the entire editing process and he executed all aspects of the graphic design from the logos to the DVD titles to the packaging. He went above and beyond, until the end. His time, effort and talents were fundamental in the release of Take 5 for FIDO® and I am very grateful."

Bruce Dickson - Director of Photography

Mr. Dickson's Feature Film Credits include: Spiderman II, Spiderman III, The Fast And The Furious, Crimson Tide, Superman Returns, TRON and more. Mr. Dickson has earned various awards and titles for his work on music videos for Warner Bros, Capitol Records, Interscope Records, Elektra Entertainment Group, Reprise Records, and more. He shot the opening sequence of the hit NBC sitcom "Friends" (the fountain shot), as well as many other television and commercial spots. On his participation with Athena Arnado, to create her series of instructional massage videos, he explains, "I've been very lucky in my career to have been involved in so many good projects. Athena's project sounded like a great opportunity to "give back". It's exciting to be part of something so unique, positive and inspirational."

On working with Bruce Dickson, Athena Arnado says, "He was humble and generous. I was elated, and started a huge balancing act, when Bruce agreed to work on this project but said he had limited time within which to do so. I accomplished pre-production in about 9 days to accommodate his timing needs. It was a chance of a lifetime, and I ran with it. I HAD to have him on this project. He was amazing to work with, a huge talent and such a nice guy."

Michael D Brandon - Cinematographer

A "Special Assignments" camera operator for Los Angeles based network news stations, KCBS-2 NEWS and KCAL-9 NEWS, Michael D Brandon brings a special quality of cinematography to the Revive In 5 instructional massage program, "Take 5 for FIDO". He has a keen eye for the screen value of a shot from the public's perspective and is quick to spot it and shoot it. Athena Arnado states, "His contribution to this production was immeasurable and very much appreciated. He's professional, talented and a gentleman. I'd look forward to working with him again."

Pornpatchaya Supannarrat - Assistant Director

Athena Arnado sums it up by saying, "She is hard-working, diligent and the most promising newcomer to the world of production. She was right behind me every step of the way. With such a small crew everyone has to wear many hats. She covered much more than I ever expected from an AD. She was a pleasure to work with and I wish her the best in all her endeavors. Actually, I wish she'd just work with me, but she has her own project load. You'll see her name again. Hopefully, she'll be so successful that she'll be able to slip away now and then to work with me on more fun projects."

Arik Marshall - Original Score & Soundtrack

Hipster musician, Arik Marshall has played his guitar with such bands and megastars as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Macy Gray, Parliament Funkadelic, Bjork, Sting, Prince and the list goes on and on. He gives us a rare glimpse into his personal music collection, created for those times when he wants to take a break from life and disappear into his own reality. Arik's special collection graces the "Take 5 for FIDO" soundtrack, making it transformational and moving, sure to relax and feel good during any massage.

"Arik delivered an exceptional score, as I knew he would. He is a phenomenal musician who can rock and funk with the best of the best. But sometimes one's caliber of musicianship is most evident in the way in which he picks up a single musical instrument, hits the record button and plays for his own satisfaction, perhaps to diminish the affects of a long day, and creates a flawless masterpiece. That's exactly how this music was created. It's raw, gently vibrant and emotional. It's perfect." -Athena Arnado