Take 5 for FIDO – Dog / Canine / Animal Massage Instructional Video
Take 5 for FIDO Canine/Dog Massage DVD. Because 5 Minutes Makes All The Difference In The World. How To Give Your Dog A Full-Body Massage In Just 5 Minutes


When Oscar was injured in a car accident I called Athena and she arrived as soon as she could. Then she calmed him down with her massage techniques and developed, almost immediately, enough trust to even apply the medicine to his wounds.

Heidi, San Diego, CA

Oscar - Vizsla

Boo really looks forward to her massages with Athena but also enjoys me giving her a 5 minute massage in between her appointments. Thanks!

John, Vista, CA

Peekaboo - Pekingese

Bella has calmed down quite a bit since I've been giving her Take 5 for FIDO massages. Now, I can walk Bella instead of Bella walking me! Thank you!

Jacquie, Costa Mesa, CA

Bella - Med/Large Mixed Breed

"Charlee" used to be a nervous wreck until we started giving her the massages! Now she's more calm and friendly with people and other dogs. Thank you for teaching this essential practice...who knew?

Dana, Costa Mesa, CA

Charlee - Chihuahua

When Athena gave Pharaoh a massage, he was in heaven! And now, he goes limp every time we give him a massage. Pharaoh was rescued from a life of "dog racing" and he is so appreciative of his new life of luxury.

Mitch, Santa Clara, CA

Pharaoh - Greyhound

Vienna loves her 5 minute massages BUT she never stops bugging me for more. Thanks a lot!

Amanda, Huntington Beach, CA

Vienna - Dachshund

Thank you for your Take 5 for FIDO massage technique. It takes nothing for us to give her the 5-minute massage but it does a lot of good for Finnegan. She sleeps a lot better now, too!

Brian, Tujunga, CA

Finnegan - Large Mixed Breed

Rocco used to be unruly until I started giving him the massages regularly. Now he listens better.

Mark, Redondo Beach, CA

Rocco - English Bulldog

I love your video! It's so cute and it really works. Ever since I gave Spice his first Take 5 for FIDO Massage, he won't leave me alone. He nudges me all day long with his nose or paw until he gets my attention, then, immediately turns his head down to offer his neck and back for a massage.

Angie, Carson, CA

Spice - Chihuahua